Friday, July 10, 2009

There is now a Flickr group!

For those that haven't yet mastered the art of e-mailing attachments, you can now submit works via the Offshoot mag Flickr group. There will also be some discussion topics there to develop dialog among our contributors. Right now, this editor wants to know: What music inspires you to create? What do you like to listen to while drawing or writing or sculpting?

This is my list of music that inspires me:
1. Anything by Bright Eyes; Conor Oberst is a poet set to music.
2. the 10th anniversary "Les Miserables" soundtrack
2. anything Vedera or Regina Spektor
3. "Sushi" - Kyle Andrews
4. "The Competition" - Kimya Dawson
5. "Whatever You Like" - T.I.
6. "Please Don't Touch" - Polly Scattergood
7. "Nitrogen Pink" - Polly Scattergood
8. "Somewhere Out There" - Our Lady Peace
9. Taking Back Sunday's album "Where You Want To Be"
10. "20 Going On..." - Tsunami Bomb
11. Vampire Weekend's Self-titled album
12. the entire Ingrid Michaelson channel on

Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!


  1. I don't get inspired to create. I have extremely infrequent and brief spurts of creativity.

    Surprised to see there's more to Kimya Dawson than Juno. Also, TBS concerts will kill you if you're not careful.

  2. The moshpits? Yea, weird that there's moshes at TBS concerts.